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  This is our first of a quarterly newsletter intended for our customers and employee’s.  As employees on various job sites we miss out on the camaraderie of always working together. As customers you rarely get to meet all our staff. We hope this helps all of us to come together.

We are proudly announce to you that we have open a new branch in Casper, Wyoming since Sept. 2013. 

Message from the President

  I was recently asked why we changed the signage on our new service vans from “commercial, residential, and industrial” to “Integrity-Quality-Professional-Efficient”.  Basically, we moved from telling people what we do, to how we do it. We do all types of electrical work, but our firm is different. The bullet points are not just fancy words to make a sign sound nice but rather these are our core values. They are modeled at the top of our organization and expected of everyone else right down to our newest apprentice. We lead with integrity. Honesty and fairness are wrapped up in this word.  We realize we are in this for the long haul and treat every customer fair on every job. Professional, this is modeled in our dress, with the company uniforms, and our actions on a job site. We want our customers feel safe to have us in their homes and businesses. On the job site we are clean and informed. With our staff of support persons, we work together with owners, architects, engineers and general contractors to problem solve and deliver a job ahead of schedule. Our quality shows by strict adherence to the national electrical code and job specifications. Our electricians have either graduated from quality trade schools like Western Dakota Technical Institute or have graduated from the Independent Electrical Contractors trade school. Lastly, Efficient, whether a project is time and material or a hard bid, we are internally ensuring production standards are met through daily production evaluations on each job site. Our paperwork is streamlined to ensure accuracy while leaving as much time as possible for actual job production. We have project managers to take care of all the side details of managing contracts, submittals, quotes, operation and maintenance manuals, and red line drawings. All of this is done while ensuring our other bullet points of integrity, professional and quality are constantly being met. THROUGH INTEGRITY, QUALITY, PROFESSIONALISM, AND EFFICIENCY WE ALWAYS STRIVE TO BE THE BEST ELECTRICIANS IN THE INDUSTRY!

Recently Completed Jobs

1. Rapid City High School

2. Black Hills State University

3.  Mountain View Clarkson Nursing Home

4.  Deadwood Bio-fuel Product

5.  Lady Foot Locker at the Rushmore Mall

6.  Foot Locker at the Rushmore Mall

7.  Bath and Body Works at the Rushmore Mall

8.  Shopko Remodel Rapid City

9.  Ketel Thorstenson Three Story Addition Rapid City

10.  Residence in Newcastle, WY

11.  Rapid City Regional Airport Post Security Concession Area

12.  New Building for R&S Building Systems

13. Western Dakota Tech

Job in Progress

1. Westhills Village

2. Ellsworth Air Force Base

3. RC High School (Dakota)

4. North Middle School


Service Department

Keep your home safe, check your smoke detectors for proper operation and change batteries once a year. You can improve the operation by taking a vacuum and cleaning the smoke head. Also smoke detectors have an expiration date. Most manufactures recommend replacement after 10 years. Check your detectors at home for either a manufacture date or replacement date.

 Also Check GFI outlets installed next to your sink and bathtub and installed in your kitchen, garage, and outdoors for proper operation. Simply push the test button, and the trip button should pop out. If it does and the outlet no longer works, press the reset. If it resets and works again your ground fault outlet is doing its job. If it doesn’t reset or you don’t have outlets like these in your areas listed above, give us a call.


What do these outlets do? They monitor the amperage that is leaving the “hot” side of the outlet and returning through the neutral of the outlet. If the outlet senses any difference beyond 5 milliamps it trips and no longer provides power.  This difference in power loss could be due to a shock hazards.  An example of a hazard these outlets might protect against would be dropping the hair dryer in a sink full of water and then touching the water.  These outlets have saved many lives of children and adults alike. The new more modern outlets will not allow the device to be reset if the outlet is not working properly.


Al Sutton Electric encourages you to support your local Community.

Please join our employees in supporting the following areas:

Wayne Kitchens- South Dakota Electrical Council

Al Sutton- Construction Industry Center, President Board of Directors

 Love Inc.

Ongoing support of mission work at Porcupine, SD

Hills Alive, Electrical Hook ups.

Side Note: If you graduated from Western Dakota Technical Institute please contact Terri Haverly at 605-343-1880 or She is working on updating information for the Alumni Association at Western Dakota Tech.






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